About the Book

Everyone Dissociates is a picture book for adults that illustrates and destigmatizes the psychological phenomenon of “dissociation.” Loosely based on Taro Gomi’s, Everyone Poops, Everyone Dissociates is a humorous, poetic collage of what it means to dissociate. While satirizing the casual repression of trauma, Everyone Dissociates is the most vibrant, and certainly most important conversation piece on any coffee table. It is a valuable piece of literature for anyone who has ever felt disconnected—even if only for a moment—from her/his identity or surroundings.

We dissociate out of need, whether it’s to pass the time on a long bus ride, or to get through a nerve-wracking public speech. However, when suffering from depression and/or anxiety we are prone to dissociating more frequently. It is an extremely isolating experience that is virtually impossible to control. Without mutual recognition of the experience, we resort to repression and denial in order to cope—only leading to further dissociative experiences and an increasingly fragile interior life.

Everyone Dissociates is about learning to share—not our toys, but our thoughts and our fears. Everyone dissociates…but if everyone shares a little bit more, we can all dissociate a little bit less.

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